Coco Aviation deals with companies from a wide range of industries and we pride ourselves on knowing the exact requirements of each sector. Many of our account managers specialise in providing charter solutions for a specific industry.

Whether you are arranging crew rotations for an oil & gas company, or are a relief agency moving urgent aid, Air Charter Service will have an account manager with the experience required. It is this in house experience that sets us apart from many of our competitors.


SupervanCoco Aviation has continually been entrusted over the years to provide time sensitive and secure air transportation in emergency situations. We often despatch trained operations managers for large scale emergencies to the affected region to make sure each charter runs smoothly on the ground, whether it is bringing in urgent humanitarian aid or evacuating the people at most risk.

  • Evacuations and repatriations | Helicopter insertion / leasing | Search and rescue teams
  • Medical transportation | Ongoing relief logistics | Humanitarian Aid | Corporate emergencies




il76Coco Aviation has a vast experience of chartering aircraft for governments around the world. Offering a wide range of options, to suit your needs, governments can charter individual aircraft, or different types of aircraft, in any combination, from and to anywhere in the world.

In the past Coco Aviation has provided aircraft charters to the governments of South Sudan, Uganda , Tanzania and Somalia  amongst others. We offer complete confidentiality and high levels of security for important government officials and can often have an aircraft in the air within an hour if the need arises.




TRAVEL agency

Coco Aviation Service has extensive experience of working with some of the world’s most respected travel agents, travel management companies and tour operators.

From providing series capacity for inclusive tours, to ad hoc charters for specific events, we pride ourselves in helping you create quality yet cost effective solutions, that enhance and expand your product offerings. What we offer:

  • Series charters for tour operators | Ad hoc charters for events | Complex tours and schedules