il76CoCo Travel Limited has now become one of the leading charter companies in South Sudan with more than 200 full charters ever year covering the entire 10 states and landing in more than 100 airstrips.

The company has grown over the years and now boasts of a permanent clientele base, which included the much-respected United Nations among other International Non Governmental Organizations and international corporate organizations.

Our success has been built on the many years of efficient delivery of comprehensive and efficient services to its clients. Besides, the company has also been involved in delivery of critical air services during mass vaccinations campaigns in selected parts of South Sudan.

Other notable clients that have helped built the CoCo Travel profile are UNHCR, Unicef, The World Bank Group, Oxfam Great Britain, VSF Belgium, IRC, Pact Sudan program and other numerous Government ministries and departments. Cargo Charter Services: CoCo Travel Limited has the full capacity to provide air cargo charters from few hundreds of kilograms to hundreds of metric tons.

Its ability to mobilize and network for the right planes has been un-paralleled. CoCo Travel Limited has provided critical transport services to its corporate clients in South Sudan such as Kuehne+Nagel, Astral Aviation, Government Agencies, other Aid Agencies and Corporate entities. We have been providing our service operations in:

  • Remote areas of South Sudan.
  • All 10 state capitals of South Sudan.
  • Emergency evacuations from hot spots in Southern Sudan.
  • Locations with inadequate infrastructure.

Passenger Charter Services CoCo Travel Limited’s specialty is passenger charters services, providing solutions to travel challenges facing the United Nations, Aid Agencies, Government and Corporate entities seeking to move passengers in South Sudan’s tough terrain. In passenger movements within South Sudan, CoCo Travel Limited use a range on aircrafts that can be mobilized within hours of request.

Our Mission
To be a leading provider of travel agency services to all categories of customers by working with leading airlines plying all routes to Juba and elsewhere in the world. We give high priority to customer satisfaction and continuously improve on service delivery.

Our Vision
We aim to be the leading Travel Agency Company in Juba, South Sudan and beyond by setting the pace in service delivery to a new level

Our Strategy
The Company’s strategy is to deliver long term sustainable services and business returns through strategic relationship with providers and consumers of Travel Services in Juba and beyond.

The key drivers of the company strategy are:

  • Breadth of coverage
  • Strategic relationship with both clients and airline companies
  • “Value added” approach to services delivery
  • Focus on fast-growing customer needs in the Travel industry.

We provide expertise for important Travel Agency services to our clients and pride ourselves for our ability to integrate diverse practical hands on skills in the delivery of comprehensive solutions to your travel needs. We balance our technical understanding with practical business sense and offer personalized, tailor made services for customer satisfaction